The Evolution of Vaping – Vaping Devices Where it All Started

Contrary to the beliefs of many that vaping started with such devices that are refillable and customizable, this read will educate which vaping device comes first before the next. All the information in this article from thorough research and long vaping experience leads to producing only factual data to give an in-depth realization of vaping.

The First Vaping Device

The first-ever vaping device invented and the first-ever commercialized vaping device are both meant to be disposable and non-refillable. Introduced as a better alternative to smoking tobacco are the disposable e-cigarettes. These e-cigarettes, most commonly known today as disposable e-cig, are in the shape of a vape pen—a design that is still used and very popular even today for vape devices. The first e-cigarette successful in the commercial market is meant to be disposable. Every part of an e-cigarette is fixed, non-refillable, and non-customizable. But unlike a regular tobacco cigarette, which is also intended to be disposable upon single use, a disposable e-cig is way longer than a regular cigarette. It was added to the appeal that a single disposable e-cig can outlast 3 packs of 20’s cigarettes, making less environmental waste. An appeal of the past that is proven to be 100% true and accurate is why most, if not all, vaping manufacturers still practice this kind of appeal. A single vaping device instantly eliminates the need for several packs of cigarettes that will produce more waste on the environment compared.

The Era of Competitive Vaping

This era of vaping can also be called “the birth of vaping enthusiasts.” As many people shifted and continuously shifted to vaping as a better alternative to smoking, the demands and needs also arose. Countless vaping manufacturers rose to fame by providing consumers with innovative ways to vape. One of which innovation is the birth of the box mods—a new breed of vaping device. Box mods are vaping devices that can deliver a new level of vaping experience compared to vape pens. Although vape pens have also received a lot of upgrades since then, the trend and demands for these new box mods are too much for the vape pen to handle. Box mods draw more power and have a higher battery capacity than vape pens. These upgrades were new to vapers at that time. They opened a lot of potential for never before seen vaping experiences. New vaping experiences will be known as flavor chasing, cloud chasing, and vape tricks. Flavor chasing will be a competitive sub-genre of vaping for e-liquid manufacturers. Still, the other two will have a far more exciting competition side. Cloud chasing and vaping tricks will see a massive flow of trends, ranging from many live competitions to vapers competing for who’s the best for cloud chasing or vaping tricks. These vaping competitions are very serious and can be seen in the huge prize money for whoever wins the event. Since the stakes are high in these kinds of vaping events, the vaping society and the number of vapers have grown exponentially and become trending on various platforms throughout the era of competitive vaping.


Vaping truly evolves and continuously evolves to make it more efficient and innovative as possible. History may repeat how modern vapers regarding the current vaping way favor things as vape pens started to become more popular today and box mods are now things of the past. Regardless of whether vaping is facing a never-ending cycle in terms of trends, it is still a massive win for the vaping community and society to have a far better option to quit smoking entirely. A cycle of people shifting to vaping instead of smoking is what’s more important, and the real reason vaping exists in the first place.



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